About Me

I am a Licensed Massage Therapist with a large variety of modalities in my tool belt, from which I draw according to you and your body's changing needs.  I am fascinated with anatomy, and the science behind the transformation that massage brings to a body.  But I have also studied energy work, and am conscious and intuitive in my approach to bodywork.  Every person is different, so every massage is different, from the light but precise to the very deep, I will listen to your needs and preferences.

In addition to classic Massage Education, my training includes: 

Deep Tissue for Relaxation: A firm, but gentle approach that affects real change in the musculature while still allowing the client to deeply relax, creating a positive, transformative experience.

Level 1 Chow Integrated Healing System:  An approach to healing that includes massage, diet, Qigong, and acupressure to bring a body to its optimal state of wellness.

Chinese Five Element Theory/Muscle testing 

Certified Level 1 Reiki

Myofascial release techniques to re-align the core

Working with Trauma: a very gentle, slow, hands on approach to helping clients with post-traumatic stress

Tai Chi

Dynamic Intuition

And I have specialized training and extensive experience in chair massage, bringing real transformation in shorter, clothed sessions. Encourage your boss to bring me to your place of business!